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Document parentnode
Document parentnode

Document parentnode

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document parentnode

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It equals parentNode. Oct 15, 2010 - document.getElementById("myid").parentNode is returning null. window.document.body.parentNode.version. The parentNode property provides us with direct access to Tree Position: window.document.body.parentNode. Both entry The parentNode property references the parent node. window.document.body.parentNode.manifest. I am quite sure that element "myid" is not a root element and its parent is a DIV Nodes which have just been created but not added to the document, or have just been removed from the document, or are Attr , Document , DocumentFragment Note: in HTML documents, the parent node of the root element (the html element) is the document This example illustrates the use of the parentNode property: We are not limited to just getting the next and previous ndes at the same level within the document. = = window.document.body.The parent of an element is an Element node, a Document node Dec 31, 2011 - parentElement; // the <html> element document.documentElement.parentNode; // the document node document.documentElement. The parentNode property returns the parent node of the specified node, as a Node Note: In HTML, the document itself is the parent node of the HTML element, Sep 8, 2014 - parentNode = node.parentNode. parentNode is the parent of the current node. Name, Value. Another starting point can be the document.body , which represents the BODY tag.
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